Check out the latest VOICE from TEEN TRUTH Tribe Member, Thomas Manglona…

Society forgets the most luminous parts of life. Too often we keep the darkest parts in our hearts. Simple acts of kindness and love can change a person – maybe even a whole group of people. Saying “Hello,” making someone smile or even giving them a flower you picked could make a huge difference.

But one thing that always seems to catch my attention is how “society” blames society: Are we not the people who make up our society? I think we should all focus on making ourselves better people. Once we’ve done that, we can then reach out and share the love.

We may not be able to build our future perfectly, but we can build ourselves to have a better one. With all the endeavors and challenges we face today it is not hard to recognize that people often forget about others, but should we blame them for it? We all have our share of problems but should that be used as a pretext?

I am not sure what the “right” answer is but I do think that the world just needs to pause for a few seconds and slow down enough so we can all take a deep breath and look at the beauty and positivity that surrounds us. Maybe then we all would see the actual significance of being human ­ being perfectly imperfect, because the only thing worse than hating another person, is not using the ability to love one another.

Thomas Manglona is one of TEEN TRUTH‘s greatest supporters. He has been working hard to build a connected campus and stronger community across the Island of Rota. He is pictured here with TEEN TRUTH Co-Founder, JC Pohl, and has been an active part of TEEN TRUTH LIVE and the TEEN TRUTH: DIFFERENCE MAKER SUMMIT. Read his VOICES on how to be the difference and check out pictures from our recent trip to Rota here!