by Justine, TT Tribe Member

After reading TEEN TRUTH: Why Youth Have Something to Hide, I felt as though my entire perspective of things had changed.

When I was in high school, I was bullied relentlessly. It got to the point where I was an anorexic cutter and nobody knew what to do with me. I wish this book had been required reading in one of my classes; that way people probably wouldn’t have treated me the way they did. In addition to helping me understand more about group mentality and why teens become a bystander, the book gave me a deeper understanding about how I felt and why I acted the way I did. The stories about the youth Erahm and JC met on the road were so powerful, that it makes you realize there is more to a person than just their outer shell.

I feel strongly that educators will find the curriculum in this book to be unlike anything they have ever taught before. The activities are not only “hands-on” and unique, but also excellent ways to spark an engaging discussion or lead an assignment focused on reflection. Furthermore, the featured case studies and research offer a college level comprehension in a language that a junior high or high school student can easily understand. Finally, the featured films at the end of each chapter are both relevant and perfect for encouraging class discussions about how the character’s actions reflect the teachings from the chapter’s lesson.

I believe that this book is an excellent asset for any educator’s tool kit or young adult interested in understanding more about why they think and act the way they do. I personally believe that if this book was used in the classroom when I was in high school, my experiences and memories would have been much more positive than the ones I look back on today.