CHeck out this INSIGHT from TEEN TRUTH co-founder and speaker JC POHL…

Last week Erahm and I had the privilege of keynoting the annual CADA Conference in Reno, NV. CADA is the California Association of Directors of Activities, and I believe it is one of the premier educator conferences in the country.

The conference delivers a wealth of knowledge, friendly connections, and entertaining networking events. The theme of the conference this year was PEACE. LOVE. CADA…A LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION.

TEEN TRUTH produced a unique keynote specifically for this year’s theme that delivered a message calling for activity directors to rise to the challenge and recognize the important position they hold on the school campus.

As a former ASB President, I can honestly say that what I am doing today has a direct correlation to my experience with activities. Whether it is sports, music, theatre, clubs, or straight up student leadership programs, these programs are what make school fun and worth attending for many kids.

By now you understand why I feel activities are essential to every school campus, however there is proof that many people disagree. One day after we delivered our keynote address we discovered three of the conference attendees had been laid off.

The question that I am now wondering is: Will the youth and educators of America let this happen or will they stand up and lead a revolution in education unlike anything we have ever seen before?

I believe it is time for students and educators to work together to save school from the bureaucrats and politicians that are too worried about the bottom line. The bottom line is if we don’t have passionate activity directors uniting our youth through meaningful activities we will create a chain reaction of disconnection and apathy that will destroy the vibrant culture of our schools.