Check out this INSIGHT from TEEN TRUTH co-founder and speaker JC Pohl…

For many, spring is a time of renewal, of rebirth, and of growth.

A few weeks ago I met a student on the road named Dario and he shared with me the pressure he feels around bullying and his thoughts of suicide. We talked a great deal that day about his life and his feelings, as well as the often unspoken truths about suicide. Through just a short conversation about his interests and dreams, I was able to discover Dario’s inner strength and help him turn his negative thoughts into positive strengths.

I care about how Dario feels because I believe that the pressure he was experiencing is normal. I know I have felt it, and many students I meet on the road feel it as well.

Here in Austin we have amazing wild flowers that bloom across the city. Up and down the freeways, in all the parks and hiking trails, these beautiful flowers bloom for as far as the eye can see. But just a few weeks ago they didn’t exist. Not a single one! They were merely seeds trapped away in a cold dark place below the surface of the earth. Shrouded in darkness, these seeds were once in a cold dark place much like the one that Dario found himself in a few weeks ago.

What I find so interesting about these flowers is that once their seeds crack through their outer shells they start growing. They can’t go back, they can’t stop, they can’t be scared, they just push through the dark to get to the light because that is what they were put on earth to do!

I hope these flowers can give Dario a glimmer of hope, because I believe if he were able to crack his outer shell and start growing upwards towards the light he would never need or want to stop. He would bloom into the wonderful person that he is about to become.

All of us find ourselves in dark places from time to time. Will we just stay in that dark cold place missing all the light and beauty that the world has to offer? Or will we crack that shell and start growing?