Sarah McGowan is TT’s Writer, the TT: Truth Report Producer, a co-author of TT’s first book, Teen Truth: Why Youth Have Something to Hide, and helps develop programming and activity-based curriculum for TT Consulting.

Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz and a background in juvenile, social and restorative justice. For a decade she directed youth programs in northern and southern California, such as the School Attendance Review Board and youth courts, during which time she developed year-long social justice curriculum for 9th grade implementation and worked with at-risk teens within the school and juvenile justice systems. She is the founder of P.A.I.N.T. (Public Art Involving Neighborhood Teens), a program designed to channel vandalism and graffiti involved youth into pro-social means of artistic expression, and is a founding editor at The Women’s International Perspective, a global online source for women’s news and opinions.

Sarah currently sits on the board of directors for LAW Project LA, an organization that provides education, advocacy and opportunity for workers with past criminal convictions. She is also the Director of Development for the Arroyo S.E.C.O. Network of Time Banks in Los Angeles. She lives in Santa Barbara, California where she is a writer, business consultant, brand strategist and community-builder.

Sarah’s feature articles for the TT: Truth Report seek to offer teens and adults resources, expert insight, and concrete ways to engage in meaningful dialog around the complex issues we all face.

August 2012
“School Safety – Why You Are Both the Problem and the Solution”

September 2012
“How to Build a Movement – Empower the Messenger”

October 2012
“Bullying Awareness Month – The Way We Talk About It Needs to Change”

November 2012
“America’s Addictions and What They Mean for Teens”

December 2012
“From Reaction to Prevention – Closing the School-to-Prison Pipeline to Build Community”

January 2013
“School Counselors – A Community Resource Trained for Crisis & Prevention”

February 2013
“Love It or Hate It, Body Image Affects Everyone”

March 2013
“Learning Self Love – 5 Steps Towards Health & Positive Body Image”

April 2013
“The Stress Test: How Standardized Tests Impact Health, Performance and School Culture”

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