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School assemblies have been utilized for years, but rarely do they make the lasting impact that is truly needed. Save the magicians, comedians, and motivational youth speakers for another day. Stop bullying, drug abuse, and low self-esteem in their tracks, book a TEEN TRUTH school assembly program that will empower student voice and inspire your students to build school culture from the inside out.

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North America’s Best School Assembly


“TEEN TRUTH came to my school a month ago and tonight a good friend of mine tried to commit suicide. I managed to talk him out of it, but what kept me from not completely falling apart was your assembly. He’s okay now and I can breathe. I was so scared. Thank you TEEN TRUTH!”

9th Grade Student

Caprock High School


Overview & Topics

Infused with the student created films that made TEEN TRUTH a leader in educational content, the TEEN TRUTH: Assembly Experience uses engaging storytelling, real world examples, and audience participation to teach students how to identify different forms of pressure. TEEN TRUTH motivates students to be the difference on campus and in life. School assemblies run 50 – 60 minutes, are ideal for any sized audience, and can be customized to focus on topics such as bullying, suicidal ideation, school violence, leadership development, and self-esteem.

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Legacy & Impact

For over 10 years, TEEN TRUTH’s school assembly has been heralded as the leading anti-bully and student empowerment experience. With millions of students reached and thousands of schools impacted around the world, the TEEN TRUTH school assembly program promises to:

  • Empower Student Voice
  • Create a Cohesive School Community
  • Build School Culture that Creates a Safe Campus
  • Inspire Students, Educators, and Parents to Be the Difference
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Content & Choice

Using our award-winning content and real-life stories from students we have met on the road, TEEN TRUTH offers customized presentations to our family of schools. Clients are able to select between our “traditional” school assembly format and our “custom” school assembly format, which features a wide array of content hand-selected by you!

Choose from issues such as bullying, drug abuse, self-esteem, and family communication, as well as student stories about overcoming adversity, learning to accept self, coping with sexual differences, and discovering the true meaning of leadership. To learn more visit www.teentruth.net/assemblyoptions

You guys changed my life. You came to our school, and you taught us things we probably will never forget.


10th Grade Student

I have brought in many assemblies before, but not one has been as powerful as TEEN TRUTH!

Vance Morris

School Principal

I was blown away by your presentation and I’m really amazed about the impact it had on me.


8th Grade Student

A powerful multi-media experience that combines empowering presentations with award-winning student-shot content.

Lifetouch Gives Back

For many years TEEN TRUTH has partnered with Lifetouch School Photography to enhance school culture and give students a voice.  If your school is a Lifetouch school, contact TEEN TRUTH or your Lifetouch representative today.  Schools in the Lifetouch family receive 20% off the TEEN TRUTH school assembly program and in some cases schools can even be granted free programs in return for their loyalty to Lifetouch.

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Six Flags Leadership Day

Six Flags and TEEN TRUTH team up every year for a life changing day coupled with a powerful interactive experience that redefines student leadership and inspires positive school culture. Featuring award-winning content from TEEN TRUTH, fun activities, and inspired storytelling, this event gives students a critical understanding of the issues currently affecting students and empowers them to make a difference.  Contact TEEN TRUTH or your local Six Flags park to learn more!

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Inspire students to stand up against the critical issues they face today.


Electrify your school’s culture with the energy of a powerful, positive, presentation



Rally the student body to develop resilience and power through hardships.



Unlock the potential of your students, lead them in their charge toward a fantastic future.

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