Develop Resilient Students

Social-emotional issues are present on every campus, but many schools are spread so thin that they can’t reach every student who is in need. Our SEL curriculum builds student leadership opportunities for your teens to mentor younger students and teach the life skills so desperately needed to develop resiliency. Inquire now and extend guidance efforts on your campus. Those social and emotional needs aren’t going to go away on their own!

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Extend Guidance Efforts Across Campus


“TEEN TRUTH’s RISING UP: Coaching Program has been a game changer for our students and our counseling program!”

Jody Clark

School Counselor, Scoggins Middle School


Peer-to-Peer Program

TEEN TRUTH’s RISING UP: Coaching Program is infused with student voice and has been designed to teach teens how to develop valuable life skills that will enhance their self-development. Focused on inspiring students to build resiliency and find growth in adversity, this innovative program will help schools extend their guidance efforts on campus. Working with a select group of “peer coaches” our SEL curriclum is built to strengthen students at both younger and older grade levels. Ideal for high school and middle school aged audiences, the RISING UP: Coaching Program is used by school counselors, after-school professionals, and campus administrators across the country.

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SEL Curriculum

Bullying and suicide prevention efforts are top of mind on every campus, but in many states, the student to counselor ratio is 600 to 1.  In some states that ratio is over 1,000 to 1! With counselors spread so thin, how is it even possible to create solutions for these important social-emotional issues? Our SEL curriculum was created to solve this problem. School counselors need to extend their guidance efforts beyond the one on one counseling services that they have traditionally been expected to provide. The RISING UP: Coaching Program puts student leaders in the position to keep these valuable lessons moving forward.

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Build Student Leaders

Ideally, when working in this program, older students (coaches) will be trained during an interactive workshop with a certified RISING UP trainer. This session will teach students the importance of “coaching” younger students to a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. Coaches then go into classrooms to teach SEL curriculum modules to younger students. Easily modified or expanded, this curriculum is ideal for 8th graders to work with 6th graders or for juniors to work with freshman. It is also perfectly desgined to provide B- and C+ students a life-changing opporuntity that will positively change their engagement on campus.

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Curriculum Implementation

All coaching sessions can be completed during in-class guidance sessions, advisory periods, special meetings, workshops, or through after-school/lunch time activities. Aligned with the ASCA School Counseling Model this SEL curriculum has been used in anti-bully efforts and heralded as a suicide prevention program that changes lives and strengthens school culture from the inside out. It has been proven to:

  • Excited Students to Help Others
  • Build Connections Across Campus
  • Inspire Personal & Relational Growth

SEL Lesson Plans

All of the SEL lesson plans in the RISING UP: Coaching Program were developed to help with the social-emtional needs of students. Specific lessons that our peer mentors teach include:

  • The Power of Building Relationships & Understanding Self
  • The Importance of Decision-Making & Goal Setting Skills
  • The Joy of Career & Family Exploration
  • The Impact of Both Positive & Negative Choices
  • The Strength of Overcoming Adversity & Building Resilience


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Trainer Certification Available

In addition to our student training, we also offer a Trainer Certification Course for schools, districts, or organizations that want to implement the SEL curriculum on a wider level. This interactive workshop will teach all attendees the importance of peer-to-peer programming and the philosophy behind RISING UP’s social-emotional curriculum. The training includes an overview of the program, a hands-on explanation of the lesson plans, and in-depth insight into how to build resilient students.

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Returning Client Ratio


TEEN TRUTH’s RISING UP: Coaching Program provides a follow through curriculum that enhances the TEEN TRUTH: Assembly Experience.  Written by JC Pohl and Dr. Stephanie Eberts, the RISING UP: Coaching Program has quickly become the premiere solution for SEL curriculum needs. Designed to extend guidance efforts on campus, the peer-to-peer program is ideal for advisory periods, elective periods, special class sections, and after-school programs. Teach your students the importance of rising up and finding their voice!

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Change the dynamics in the classroom.  Use peer leaders to help extend guidance efforts and motivate students.

Anti-Bully Solution

Change the language around bullying.  Teach students how to start finding growth in adversity and conflict.

Target Audience

Specifically designed for middle and high school aged audiences.  Ideal for 6th grade or 9th grade transition issues.


Extend the reach of your guidance program.  Train 20-30 students to reach 100’s across the course of the semester.

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