Just in time for the holidays! TT is excited to announce that our book, Teen Truth: Why Youth Have Something to Hide is now available for Kindle!

At just $9.95, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. So read, learn and share with others the insight critical to understanding why teens do what they do.


Read what others are saying about the book…

“When I was in high school, I was bullied relentlessly. It got to the point where I was an anorexic cutter and nobody knew what to do with me. I wish this book had been required reading in one of my classes; that way people probably wouldn’t have treated me the way they did.”

– Justine, TT Tribe Member

“This invaluable guide gives adolescents the life-saving tools to step out of their crazy world and see how their lives are driven by their beliefs, for better and for worse. If you change a belief, you change a teen. Change a teen, and you change the world.”

– Dr. Michael Bradley, Author of When Thing Get Crazy with Your Teen: The Why, the How, and the What to Do Now!