The dictionary defines the word “Difference” as “a point in which people or things are not the same.” To TEEN TRUTH, a Difference Maker, is an individual who drives positive change in people or communities.

Do you know a Difference Maker? Can you tell us exactly how they drive positive change in people or a community? We want you to tell us about a Difference Maker and how they make a difference.

Use your talents to illustrate why this person is a Difference Maker! Draw a picture, produce a video, record a song, write a short story, or take a photograph. Just make sure it portrays the Difference Maker in a creative way!

You can submit your creative work to us on via a Facebook message attachment or a link to YouTube. Please make sure you include the following information in your submission:

1. Your name
2. Description of your art
3. Your Twitter handle (if you have one)
4. The name of the Difference Maker
5. The name of your school
6. Three sentences about how this person makes a difference think
7. Your email address

Selected Difference Makers will be posted on our TEEN TRUTH Facebook site where the public will have the chance to vote for the Ultimate Difference Maker. The Difference Maker with the most votes will be awarded a $50 gift card!

Start getting creative and show the Difference Maker in your life how much you appreciate them!