Solve Critical Campus Issues

Do your students understand what true leadership means? Are they able to think critically about campus issues and solve them with an action plan that really works? Empower your student leaders by booking a TEEN TRUTH leadership summit that will redefine student activities and build an inclusive school culture that connects your entire student body.

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Redefine Student Leadership


“TEEN TRUTH’s Leadership Summit is an experience that is unique, motivating, and will rock your school culture!”

Nicole Agnes

School Counselor, Talbert Middle School


Leadership Summit Overview

With 10+ years experience and a footprint in over 7,000 schools, TEEN TRUTH’s LEADERSHIP SUMMIT has become the premiere solution for school culture development in schools, districts, and cities across North America. Featuring award-winning content, powerful live performances, and workshop-style sessions, this leadership event gives students a critical understanding of the issues currently affecting school climate. The program empowers the student body to develop a plan of action that addresses specific, identified concerns.

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Youth Empowerment Message

Ideal for middle school or high school aged audiences; TEEN TRUTH’s focus is to help student leaders understand that being an effective leader is about more than producing dances, rallies, and theme days. The TEEN TRUTH: Leadership Summits teach student leaders the importance of their elected position and shows them how to use campus activities to improve student life. Simply put, the goal of every TEEN TRUTH: Leadership Summit is to produce campus wide initiatives that will improve school safety and build campus culture.

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Program Objectives

Designed to be a 1/2 day or full day experience, these thought provoking leadership workshops feature TEEN TRUTH’s trademark student-shot content, proven strategies that can be used to build school culture, and curricilum that creates inclusive leadership models on campus.  All attendees will learn how to:

  • Develop a greater understanding of what it means to be a leader
  • Brainstorm student issues that are negatively affecting school culture
  • Plan tangible solutions that can be implemented on campus
  • Create a year long activity calendar that connects your student body

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Inspire student voice to provide an inside look at the critical issues facing students today.


Outline the blueprints of a strong school culture. Learn what it takes to create positive change.



Rally student leaders to take action and solve critical issues on campus.



Create a cohesive school community united by student leadership.

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