TEEN TRUTH is a film series that really should be
required viewing for all classes in school.

Felix Vasquez Jr.
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TEEN TRUTH: Bully & School Violence is an explosive, student-shot film that compels its audience to think differently about bullying, school violence and the impact we have on others. The film has been seen by over 2.5 million viewers, and is regarded by students, parents and educators as a film that “makes you think about your life and the lives of others.”

This Film
  • Presents what bullying is and illustrates its different forms
  • Provides insight about the importance of connections and group acceptance
  • Challenges the viewer to rethink his/her behaviors and actions toward others
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TEEN TRUTH: Drugs & Alcohol uses student-shot testimonials and sobering footage to expose the audience to the subtle beginnings and tragic ends associated with drug and alcohol abuse. After winning several national awards, TT: DRUGS & ALCOHOL became a best-selling prevention film.

This Film
  • Explains how the need for peer acceptance can drive substance use
  • Reveals how quickly experimentation can turn into a crippling addiction
  • Presents the false sense of control that substance abusers believe they have
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Body Image

TEEN TRUTH: Body Image & Self-Esteem is a student-shot film that uncovers the secret struggles of a teen using a performance enhancing substance, a teen fighting obesity and a teen battling an eating disorder. Featuring compelling student testimonials and expert insights, the film reveals the truth about the importance of body image and the unhealthy lengths teens will go through to change how they look.

This Film
  • Reveals why body image is an obsession for both girls and boys
  • Explores how and why many teens begin to develop a negative body image
  • Explains how to identify disordered eating and negative body image behavior
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Truth About Nothing

TEEN TRUTH’S first feature film is a striking response to the apathy and lack of unity destroying school communities across our nation. Inspired by the TT Co-Founders’ experiences visiting schools around the world, Truth About Nothing provides an uncensored look at the systemic harms that result when people do nothing to be the difference in their communities.

This Film
  • Explores why more and more school communities are becoming disconnected, volatile communities
  • Delves into the psychological and situational forces that perpetuate social apathy and chaos
  • Illustrates how the behavior of youth in school communities mimic the behavior of adults in society
  • Reveals how we can create safe, connected communities by teaching youth social and emotional competency and empowering them to take action
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Powerful Words

Powerful Words is an animated adaption of a speech delivered by a youth honoring his sister with an intellectual disability. Featuring the author’s voice, this true story presents a student standing up to debilitating stereotypes, hurtful hypocrites, and the ill treatment of individuals who often can’t defend themselves. Under the direction of TEEN TRUTH’s Erahm Christopher, the film strengthens Special Olympics landmark R-Word campaign and sheds a critical light on just how powerful our words can be.

This Film
  • Educates the audience about the power of hurtful words
  • Challenges the audience to think differently about intellectual disabilities
  • Empowers youths and adults to advocates for those who are mistreated because of their differences
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Teen Truth Film Festival

A year-round film festival providing youth the opportunity to use their creative voices to challenge and empower audiences.

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Truth About Nothing

Check out TEEN TRUTH's first feature film responding to the apathy and negativity that is destroying school communities.

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