TEEN TRUTH LIVE is a powerful interactive, multi-media assembly experience that combines empowering presentations with award-winning student-shot content.

Our empowering presenters challenge your students to question how these issues impact their lives and the lives of those around them. Using storytelling, humor, real world examples and audience participation, TTL teaches students to identify different forms of pressure, understand how conflict can lead to serious consequences, and motivates students to be the difference makers in important situations.

Current Issue Focused Assemblies
  • Bullying & School Violence
  • Leadership & School Culture
  • Choices & Consequences
  • Parents & Family Communications
Suggested Anchors
  • Parents’ Night
  • Difference Maker Summit
  • The TT: BOOK


Discounted pricing for returning clients, CADA Members, and Lifetouch customers is available. Multi-school discounts are also available; travel and accommodation fees may apply.

Package options are below:

Standard Package
  • TT LIVE Assembly Experience
Culture Booster Package
  • TT LIVE Assembly Experience
  • Parents’ Night or Difference Maker Summit
  • 500 Wristbands
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15% savings

Community Builder Package
  • TT LIVE Assembly Experience
  • Parents’ Night
  • Difference Maker Summit
  • 1,000 Wristbands
  • 200 TT Static Cling Stickers
  • 50 TT Dog tags
  • 25 Copies of Teen Truth: Why Youth Have Something to Hide
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20% savings

Complete Connector Package
  • TT LIVE Assembly Experience
  • Parents’ Night
  • Difference Maker Summit
  • 2,000 Wristbands
  • 500 TT Static Cling Stickers
  • 100 TT Dog tags
  • 75 Copies of Teen Truth: Why Youth Have Something to Hide
  • 25 TT T-shirts
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The TEEN TRUTH: Difference Maker Summit teaches youth how to be effective leaders who think critically about school challenges and develop an effective plan to overcome those challenges to create a safer campus.

The two-part interactive training session begins by training key leaders to think differently about their role on campus and the current issues impacting your school climate. The second section teaches your students to develop a complete blueprint to address the identified concerns. The program is offered to schools and districts intent on improving the impact of existing leadership groups or that are looking to identify new student leaders.

The TT: DMS is a two-hour workshop guided by your TT speaker. He or she will use storytelling, critical thinking skills, and interactive activities to lead your students through the leadership workshop. At the conclusion of this program your students will:

  • Identify critical campus issues that need to be addressed
  • Brainstorm tangible and executable solutions that they can implement on campus
  • Understand the value of building a campus united by the concept of “we” and not “me”
  • Create an activity calendar including events that focus on connecting the student body

Your workshop was awesome! It really impacted our leadership group in a positive way! Can't wait to go forth with some of the ideas we came up with!

Ludwig Jr Hurtado
Rancho Starbuck Intermediate School

Suggested Anchors: TT LIVE, TT: BOOK, and TRUTH GEAR


TEEN TRUTH: Keynotes are presented at professional conferences and student leadership events. Our standard TEEN TRUTH LIVE Experiences and custom-made experiences are available depending on your particular objectives.

All keynotes feature the importance of a connected community, being the difference in key situations and useful insight from Teen Truth: Why Youth Have Something to Hide. Discounted book orders and book signings with one of the founders are available for large keynote audiences.

Suggested Anchors: TT: BOOK and TRUTH GEAR

Keynote Clients
Corporate Clients


The School Safety Roadshow is designed to unite district, school, and community stakeholders to develop safer, more connected schools.

This unique in-service event, developed through a partnership with The California Association of Directors of Activities (CADA), provides insight, training and tools that will enable educators to connect their students on campus. The program features the award-winning TEEN TRUTH LIVE: Bully & School Violence experience, a sixty (60) minute panel discussion, and a blueprint to build a safer school community.



Erahm Christopher

Erahm Christopher

JC Pohl

JC Pohl

Michael Sarich

Michael Sarich

Stephanie Armstrong

Stephanie Armstrong

Giselle Rodriguez

Giselle Rodriguez


TEEN TRUTH Co-creator Erahm Christopher is an award-winning filmmaker, published author and speaker who has created content and live experiences for audiences of all ages throughout the world. His productions contain thought-provoking messages that inspire critical thinking and change from individuals of all ages. Intent on making a difference in the world, Christopher has traveled with TEEN TRUTH LIVE and spoken to schools, government agencies, corporations and non-profit organizations across North America including Special Olympics International, the Department of Justice, Lifetouch, Skills USA, the Boys and Girls Club of America and Carnival Cruise Lines. His films have been screened on television and in festivals and his work has been featured on several news programs, magazines, various websites, radio shows, and received front-page coverage on multiple newspapers in the US and Canada. In less than six years, he has reached over 425,000 lives with TTL’s message of empowerment and making a difference.

When not speaking or making films Christopher provides consulting services, seminars, teaches filmmaking to youth through his GO FILM! after school program, chairs the A Third Party charity, directs the TT KEYNOTES and LIVE presentations and trains each TT speaker to ensure every TT Experience is empowering and unforgettable. Since TTL’s inception, Christopher’s work has motivated state legislation, improved school climates, and changed people’s lives. He earned a Bachelors of Arts degree from Santa Clara University and Film Degree from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.


TEEN TRUTH Co-creator JC Pohl is a producer and speaker who has touched over 500,000 lives with his message of strength and personal power. Along with his work at TT, he has produced award-winning content for companies such as Warner Brothers, ESPN, and Disney, as well as created innovative content for The American Film Institute and Human Relations Media.

In addition to his speaking efforts, Pohl serves at TEEN TRUTH’s Executive Producer overseeing the management of the company, developing key marketing and client relationships, and maintaining TEEN TRUTH’s focus on customer service and high quality programming. His impassioned work with TT has led to travels around the world inspiring students, educators, and parents to live their truths and be the difference. Pohl has been featured on various news programs, radio shows, and magazines and has spoken at conferences, corporate events, and film festivals across the country. His work has inspired state legislation, spawned youth development programs for celebrity and corporate clients, and changed the lives of millions of people. Regarded as an expert on life skills development and student issues he has also developed RISING UP and MARRIAGE INVESTMENT, two self-empowerment programs geared to provide training, coaching, and speaking services to individuals and couples looking to go deeper into their truth-finding experiences.

Pohl is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Texas State University, San Marcos and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing from Santa Clara University.


Michael Sarich, once a Major League Baseball prospect, uses TT LIVE as an outlet to transform his tragic fall, into an inspirational platform that uncovers the truths and consequences behind drugs and alcohol abuse. Since joining TT in 2009 he has shared his gripping story with over 225,000 students, parents and educators across the US and Canada and is committed to telling the truth about his past to inspire, educate and empower youth. In addition to being a speaker, Sarich serves as TT’s Booking Manager, working diligently to increase TT LIVE’s outreach to a worldwide audience.


Stephanie Armstrong, once a nationally-ranked swimmer, inspires audiences with her candid account of how an obsession with perfection led to a serious illness that forced her to realize that true beauty is on the inside. Since joining TT in 2009, she has reached over 60,000 students as a speaker on the TT LIVE: BODY IMAGE & SELF ESTEEM tour. Stephanie believes whole-heartedly in TT’s mission to support teenagers to speak their truths and be the difference in each other’s lives. It is her personal goal to help others realize and live their own unique and powerful purpose. Prior to TT, she worked on large-scale corporate marketing efforts for up and coming brands, including the launch of a Condé Nast publication.


Giselle Rodriguez lived through the divorce of her parents and constant bullying because of her ethnicity and physical disabilities. Having reached over 60,000 students with her inspiring message of strength and personal power, Giselle has a unique ability to connect with students of all ages and backgrounds. She is an experienced actor from Los Angeles who studies fiction and screenwriting in the University of Southern California’s Master of Professional Writing program. She has appeared in several commercials, TV movies, and provided her voice for several video games for brands such as MTV, Verizon and Olive Garden.

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