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Assembly Experience

Featuring student shot films, interactive activities, and motivational storytelling the TEEN TRUTH: Assembly Experience is designed to give students a voice and empower them to be the difference in campus.

Difference Maker Summit

Designed to redefine student leadership, the TEEN TRUTH: DIFFERENCE MAKER SUMMIT helps schools and districts identify critical student issues while developing a student-driven action plan to build school culture.

Peer-to-Peer Curriculum

In partnership with the RISING UP: Coaching Program, TEEN TRUTH offers a unique peer-to-peer curriculum that has been designed to teach teens how to develop valuable life skills that will enhance their self-development.


News & Insight

Visit our news and insights page to more from the experts at TEEN TRUTH and follow our mission to give students a voice.

Products & Gear

Purchase the films, books, and products that have made TEEN TRUTH a successful brand for over 10 years!

Film Festival

Submit a film or host our student-made film festival and teach your students about the power of creative expression.

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