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School culture is the collective manifestation of the attitudes, outlooks, and behaviors of the entire student, administrative, and faculty body. It’s what gives a school its own unique feeling as you walk through the halls. As an educational services company with 10+ years experience and a footprint in over 5,000 schools we specialize in helping schools build school culture from the inside out. Learn how our school assemblies, leadership summits, and peer-to-peer curriculum can empower student voice on your campus.

Empowering Student Voice in Every Aspect of Education

School Assembly

Featuring student shot films, interactive activities, and motivational storytelling the TEEN TRUTH school assembly is designed to give students a voice and empower them to be the difference in campus.

Leadership Summit

Designed to redefine student leadership, the TEEN TRUTH leadership summit helps schools and districts identify critical student issues while developing a student-driven action plan to build school culture.

Peer-to-Peer Curriculum

TEEN TRUTH’s guidance curriculum offers a unique peer-to-peer program that has been designed to teach teens how to develop valuable social and emotional skills that will build resiliency and enhance school culture.

Lives Reached

I feel like for the first time that I can tell my truth.  No one has ever told me that before.


10th Grade Student

I never imagined that TEEN TRUTH’s message would be so powerful. All I have to say is, ‘WOW!’

Vice Principal

Rosemere High School

You guys inspired me so much! I promise to be the difference and stand up for others.


8th Grade Student


News & Insight

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Our Team

TEEN TRUTH boasts a team of passionate individuals working as speakers, trainers, and educational service professionals.

Building School Culture Since 2006

TEEN TRUTH is an educational services company focused on empowering student voice, enhancing school culture, and building student resilience. Developed from the success of an award-winning student-shot film series, TEEN TRUTH boasts North America’s premiere motivational assemblies, youth leadership training, and peer-to-peer curriculum.

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