A life-changing experience that makes you think about your life and the lives of others.

The Teen Truth FILM Series

The Teen Truth FILM Series

“Award Winning Student Shot Films”



“Transform student leaders into difference makers”

Teen Truth Guide

This invaluable guide gives adolescents life-saving tools to step out of their crazy world.

Dr. Michael Bradley,

Quote from Davey - Martinez Jr. HS

Your story and your movie changed my life completely.

Davey, 8th Grade Student
Martinez Jr. HS, California

Quote from Dee - Otay Ranch HS

The presentation was so emotional and stood out more than any other presentation I've ever seen.

Dee, 10th Grade Student
Otay Ranch HS, California

Quote from Danielle LeBlanc - Grenfell Schools

First time ever in any assembly that you could hear a pin drop.

Danielle LeBlanc, School Counselor
Grenfell Schools, Saskatchewan, Canada

Quote from Brianna - Snowball Conference

You helped me and the people sitting in that room so much.

Brianna, Student
Snowball Conference, Illinois

Quote from Donna McNeel - TR Smedberg Middle School

I never believed in assemblies, until now! TT changed our
school for the better and it changed me!

Donna McNeel, Activity Director
TR Smedberg Middle School, California

Quote from Jessica - Harding Fine Arts Academy

I honestly think that was one of the most impactful things I have witnessed.

Jessica, 10th Grade Student
Harding Fine Arts Academy, Oklahoma

Quote from Christian - Bishop Gorman High School

You really changed the way I see things.

Christian, 9th Grade Student
Bishop Gorman High School, Nevada

You guys changed my life. You came to our school, and you taught us things we probably will never forget.

Nessie, 10th Grade Student
California, USA

I was blown away by your presentation and I'm really amazed about the impact it had on me.

Sarah, 9th Grade Student
Montreal, Canada

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